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Are you struggling to find on-going article writing work? Well, Green Light Articles will help you find plenty of articles to write about! Apply now and start writing articles today! The more articles you write, the more you get rewarded! Green Light Articles accepts writers who have strong grammar and a good grasp on the English Language. All articles are to be written in English and therefore you need to be very strong grammatically in English. If you are...

Green Light Articles offers you a great opportunity to make a residual income from home! After you are approved as a writer, you will be assigned topics to write about. We will even recommend tools so you can write more articles in less time!

Green Light Articles handles finding the customers for you, collecting the money, arranging the order and the keywords and pays you a high % of the money collected. You just need to take articles out of the queue when you have a couple of hours free, research the topic well, and write the article to 350-450 words. You then submit it for a review, when the customer is happy, you get paid! This allows you to keep writing when you have time, and not have to find and manage clients. You will get the rewards for your efforts! We also reward ongoing writers who stay with us and write a lot of articles. Your payment level increases as you write more, AND you will get a bonus when you hit targets.

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Make sure your application is complete before you submit it! If you don't have any experience in article writing, please refrain for applying.