Affiliate Program

Green Light Articles has an impressive Affiliate Program designed to reward Members that spread word of our Services. We offer Members monetary reward, paid out once a month, that directly correlates with their referrals’ use of our Services.

The rates we pay are as follows:

  • Articles - $0.10 for every 100 words ordered by your referrals.
  • Spins - $0.15 for every 100 words of the original article to be Spun.

As an example of the Earnings potential you have by using our affiliate program, if your referrals in total average 5 articles and 5 spins per day, each of 500 words, you would earn $187.50 a month - just for bringing them to the site!

Of course, if you were to refer a few higher-volume customers that each order dozens of articles and spins a week you will be handsomely rewarded financially as a passive income each month, for as long as these customers use GLA for their content solutions.

At the very least, it’s worth sending a quick e-mail with your affiliate link to your friends, associates and contacts letting them know about the great services offered by Green Light Articles.

You can find your affiliate link in the ‘Affiliates’ section when logged in. If you aren’t yet registered with Green Light Articles, Sign Up NOW! to get your affiliate link and promotion tools. Then start promoting GLA to earn a Passive Income from your referrals whilst at the same time helping others get their content needs fulfilled!

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